Each Pyrox product has been designed to operate cleaner, faster and quieter in order to provide you with the best possible performance and superior energy efficiency; gas consumption has been reduced by more than 50%.

Speed: Shorter cremation cycles

In order to reduce cremation times, the Pyrox engineering team worked relentlessly and completed several hundred cremations to put their new ideas to the test. Pyrox cremation retorts therefore present cremation cycles that are 30% faster as compared to standard industry cremation retorts. In some cases, cremations can be performed in 60 minutes.

Emission control

Furthermore, Pyrox cremation retorts comply with the most stringent standards of all North American environmental departments. Our retorts have been tested on hundreds of occasions and always comply with these standards. In addition, with the controls newly installed by our engineers, our cremation retorts are now greener than ever. During the 2019 tests recently performed in Ontario, the majority of the components tested were all below the 0.001% of the applicable Ontario standard.

The latest Pyrox retorts are the highest performing yet with the best emission control on the market. Our pollution monitoring and control program with sensors is designed to automatically correct the situation during the cycle. All these settings ensure full compliance with the environmental standards applicable to your region.

Significant reduction in gas consumption

Hundreds of thousands of dollars have been invested in research and development to make Pyrox retorts the least energy-consuming as possible. Each cremation unit is made of the highest quality refractory bricks, rigid insulating boards and an air space that provides excellent thermal insulation. The unique position of the burners and improvements in the drafts into the retort contribute significantly to reducing gas consumption for new generation retorts. A draft regulator and an air combustion distribution system guarantee pressure uniformity throughout cremations.

Most important is the new program that manages all the mechanical components and achieves considerable savings in combustibles, while guaranteeing optimal performance.

The new Pyrox cremation retorts therefore consume 50% less combustibles than older retort models. The result is reduced greenhouse gas emissions, which is very good news for our planet.

Automation and remote access

An electronic, pre-programed cycle that manages a tested management console controls the cremation. The operator has no decisions to make; the automated console automatically selects the right cremation profile to render the cremation cycle more efficient. The software includes a data export function that produces reports on cremation analysis data.

The retort operation can be controlled with the remote access option using a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. You can monitor the cremation cycle, the alarm settings and the cremation conditions in real time. The cremation cycles can be monitored from anywhere. This is also very useful for our engineers to resolve problems remotely. You are now no longer alone.

Turnkey service

Pyrox guides you from A to Z; from requesting a permit to the delivery and installation of your cremation retort. For each retort installation, our teams of technicians travel and handle installing the retort, renting the crane for the stack installation and training your staff. For us, your satisfaction truly matters and we ensure that your experience is as positive as possible.



Each cremation retort includes an array of safety equipment. Both in the loading door with its fall arrest system, in the gas network designed according to CSA requirements or in the design of the self-supporting stack.

Quick opening door

Thanks to our new loading door opening system, our doors close more hermetically than ever before. Furthermore, the opening and closing cycle is automatic and started with the simple touch of a button. The time to open and close the door is less than 9 seconds, as opposed to 40 seconds for the previous system.

The heat therefore remains in the retort and consequently, gas consumption is reduced. This new door is also equipped with fall arrest protection for your employees’ safety.

State-of-the-art cremation retorts

By choosing Pyrox, you ensure that you have the latest and most efficient technology in hand. We constantly evolve and try to develop the best possible products, such as our modern front that gives a new look to the retort as compared to traditional cremation retorts.

Whether for our cremation retorts or our accessories, the Pyrox development team always meets the demands of an ever-changing market.

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