Animal cremation retort

The P200 was designed for medium-capacity operational centres for animals. It allows for single or group cremations. It is 100% manufactured in Canada and all components are CSA approved. Furthermore, the P200 complies with the standards of all North American environmental departments.

Its maximum nominal load is 400 lbs (181 kg) and its nominal cremation capacity is 150 lbs/h to 200 lbs/h (68 kg/h to 91 kg/h) in group mode. Single cremations are completed within 30 to 60 minutes on average according to the weight of the animal.

The Pyrox P200 has all the functionality of our best cremation equipment. Furthermore, it is equipped with unique software allowing the selection of the type of cremation (individual or group) and the weight of the animal in order to reduce gas consumption.

Thanks to a remote communication module (optional), you only have to connect the cremation retort to your Internet network to see the retort controls from anywhere in the world. This allows you to supervise the cremation process remotely with a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

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Features that make a difference:

Cremations up to 400 lbs (181 kg);

Unique design with:
  • a primary burner positioned at the back of the primary chamber at a 45° down angle to reduce cremation time, eliminate repositioning and reduce retort floor wear,
  • two rows of overlaid air vents on each side in the primary chamber that are independently controlled to reduce cremation time,
  • a wear tile with concrete containing 62.5% alumina in the primary chamber to reduce maintenance costs,
  • a system to manage continuous pressure for the primary chamber that improves cremation performance, controls cremation times, ensures that the cremation retort is kept at negative pressure at all times and reduces your energy costs;

Remote communication module that allows:
  • the supervision of the cremation process remotely with a computer, a tablet or a smartphone,
  • Pyrox technicians to assist and modify the retort programming or settings as needed and remotely,
  • a remote start-up sequence,
  • alarms and a cremation report to be sent by email;

Program including 4 cremation profiles that allows a high degree of precision (weight, gender, container type) and therefore determines the unique automatic control sequence for the complete modulation of burners and air valves, in order to reduce cremation time and increase energy savings;

Data logging on a memory card or USB key. Temperatures and other information are saved and available for consultation or to produce graphical diagrams;

Quick opening loading door, made of refractory material, equipped with a door viewer (sight hole) and a stainless steel front. The door is operated by a mechanical system with fall arrest protection;

Fan with an acoustic housing providing a quieter and more attractive unit within the cremation retort. You can now have a cremation retort within your facilities without the fear of noise.


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