Because your peace of mind is important for us, Pyrox provides 24/7 emergency services.

Delivery and installation

Pyrox handles all cremation equipment installation. We work in close collaboration with your staff to coordinate equipment transportation, unloading and installation.

All handling is done by qualified Pyrox employees who comply with the highest levels of health and safety standards. We also provide guidance in the planning and coordination of electrical and gas connections.

Environmental tests

Environmental tests are mandatory in some regions and provinces. For this reason, we offer guidance throughout the process in order to help you better prepare. Our technicians and engineers will be on-site throughout the complete sampling process in order to verify the compliance of the cremation equipment.


Whether you have Pyrox cremation equipment or equipment of another make, our technicians are trained to repair all types of equipment across Canada.

Pyrox repairs and/or replaces all components of your cremation retort, such as:

  • replacement of the floor or the wear tile;
  • replacement of all retort refractory products;
  • partial repairs such as to the vault and the support walls;
  • and much more.

A work study is performed and a proposal is presented before starting. During repairs, we handle the supply of materials and labour. Depending on the project, teams of two or more trained technicians perform the repairs and ensure that the location is left completely cleaned.

Preventive Maintenance

Consistent maintenance of cremation equipment ensures its longevity. The Pyrox maintenance program offers you peace of mind for everything related to the maintenance of a cremation retort. Our specialized technicians will come inspect your equipment and produce a 1000-point detailed report (with supporting photos) to clearly show the status of wear of the different parts. This report will give you all details to better plan the maintenance of your cremation equipments and eliminate any costly emergency repairs.

These reports allow you to monitor the progress of breakdowns, if any, and intervene at the right time. Preventive maintenance brings many advantages such as more security in prevention of injuries and accidents, better performance of your cremation equipment, savings (gas consumption) and less impact on environment.  Furthermore, Pyrox proposes maintenance plans adapted to your needs. Contact us to learn more about our annual maintenance plans.

Refractory materials

As you know, the refractory material is an essential component of the cremation equipment. For this reason, Pyrox always works with the best materials when making the refractory material. Whether for a repair to existing equipment or during the manufacture of new equipment, our technicians always use the highest quality materials. You can therefore be assured that your equipment will be efficient for as long as possible.


Pyrox equipment and accessories are built in compliance with strict industry quality and safety standards. All equipment, accessories and work performed by Pyrox have a limited one-year warranty.

Our stack lining comes with a ten-year warranty. Furthermore, we work on a daily basis with our clients to ensure that our products and services meet their highest standards.


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