VERY HIGH-CAPACITY CREMATION RETORT (Oversize)10+ cremations per day

The Pyrox X3000-OS is our highest performing model. It is designed for high-capacity operational centres. It is slightly larger than traditional cremation retorts allowing greater cremation efficiency. The X3000-OS is entirely manufactured in Canada and all components are CSA approved. Furthermore, it complies with the standards of all North American environmental departments.

The X3000-OS maximizes the number of cremations per day. Given that its average cremation duration is between 60 and 90 minutes, it can perform 10 cremations per day and therefore can perform more than 1500 cremations per year. The retort can be operated for more than one work shift. Its maximum nominal load is 900 lbs (408 kg).

Thanks to its unique configuration, new operating system and some new technologies, the X3000-OS is able to perform cremations with little or no cooling from one cremation to the next (no cool-down mode). The significant reduction (under certain conditions) in cooling time increases the number of cremations per day, extends the life of the refractory and significantly reduces operating and energy costs. Based on a day with 10 cremations, it consumes on average 45 to 50 m³ (1589 ft³ to 1766 ft³) per cremation, including preheating and waiting times between cremations.

Thanks to a remote communication module (optional), you only have to connect the cremation retort to your Internet network to see the retort controls from anywhere in the world. This allows you to supervise the cremation process remotely with a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

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Features that make a difference:

Cremations of up to 1000 lbs (454 kg) and a main chamber opening with a width of 43”;

Unique design with:
  • an oxygen level control system, installed in the secondary chamber, that provides the following advantages:
    • the retort always has an excess level of oxygen (min 6%) in the secondary chamber to eliminate all carbon monoxide during cremation. This ensures compete combustion and reduced emissions into the atmosphere,
    • the oxygen level is continuously and directly measured. The level is controlled with a fan dedicated to combustion. This ensures the system does not needlessly push cold air into the cremation retort and as such, significantly reduces energy costs;
  • a primary burner positioned at the back of the primary chamber at a 45° down angle to reduce cremation time, eliminate repositioning and reduce retort floor wear,
  • two rows of overlaid air vents on each side in the primary chamber that are independently controlled to reduce cremation time,
  • a wear tile with concrete containing 62.5% alumina in the primary chamber to reduce maintenance costs,
  • a system to manage continuous pressure for the primary chamber that improves cremation performance, controls cremation times, ensures that the cremation retort is kept at negative pressure at all times and reduces your energy costs;

The addition of the T800 automatic loading system allows:
  • the automatic loading of the container in less than 20 seconds with the simple touch of a button, thereby reducing the risk of operator loading errors,
  • increased operator safety by automatically loading the container in less than 20 seconds with the simple touch of a button;

Remote communication module (optional) that allows:
  • the supervision of the cremation process remotely with a computer, a tablet or a smartphone,
  • Pyrox technicians to assist and modify the retort programming or settings as needed and remotely,
  • a remote start-up sequence,
  • alarms and a cremation report to be sent by email;

Fully automated program including more than 11 cremation profiles that allows a high degree of precision (weight, gender, container type) and therefore determines the unique automatic control sequence for the complete modulation of burners and air valves, in order to reduce cremation time and increase energy savings;

Data logging on a memory card or USB key. Temperatures and other information are saved and available for consultation or to produce graphical diagrams;

Quick opening loading door (open-close in 9 seconds), made of refractory material, equipped with a door viewer (sight hole) and a stainless steel front. The door is operated by a mechanical system with fall arrest protection;

Fan with an acoustic housing providing a quieter and more attractive unit within the cremation retort. You can now have a cremation retort in your funeral home without worry.


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