Pyrox is proud to have installed a new X1000 Cremation equipment with the Deluxe Package at Pointe West Cremation & Funeral Service in Edmonton, Alberta in October 2020. Pointe West Cremation is a new funeral home and we are pleased to be involved in their growth. Thank you to Mr. Garry Howdle, president and General manager for his nice testimonial about his overall experience with Pyrox Industries:

When we were looking for a cremation unit for our new funeral home, we insisted that it had to have three important components:

  1. it had to be a cost efficient machine that was easy to operate and that it adhered to environmental concerns
  2. that it came with excellent customer support from the manufacturer
  3. that it be a Canadian built unit to weather our fluctuations and extremes in our climate

My first meeting with Sebastien convinced me I was dealing with the right company. He was patient with my questions and he offered an overview of what Pyrox could offer. It was during this initial meeting, I started to understand the customer support that Pyrox offered as Sebastien, holding his Ipad,  assisted a customer in Ontario with a technical inquiry. This was on a Saturday morning as we sat in a Starbucks in Edmonton, he was solving issues thousands of kilometers away.

Once we committed to the purchase of the unit, the manufacturing process was on budget, on schedule and seamless. Sebastien and Louis-David kept us appraised with progress reports and updates. Our machine delivery went extremely smoothly and the installation was flawless.

Sebastien led the commissioning of the unit and trained us to run the crematory smoothly.  To be completely honest, the crematory nearly runs itself. It can handle the variety of workloads with no issues, whether it be one or four cremations per day.

It is extremely efficient and cost-effective. The more it works, the more efficient it operates. The Pyrox 1000 unit is aesthetically pleasing to the families we serve when they wish to witness the cremation. Each of these events have gone smoothly with the power lift and the ease of operation of the unit. Even with the severe weather we endure in Edmonton, the crematory operation is perfect.

Compared with the other units we researched, Pyrox was easily the best choice for us. I thank them for their continued support and for building a crematory that I am always willing to show anyone and everyone who will listen.